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"The Truth About Living Trusts in Texas: How to Protect Your Spouse, Your Children and Your Money"

If you live in Texas and you are thinking about creating a living trust, then you need to know the facts about how a living trust works in Texas.

That is where I come in. My name is Eli Combs. I am an Estate Planning Advisor in Austin. For over 20 years, I have been serving residents of Texas by offering access to estate planning information.

I have successfully helped hundreds of individuals and families in handling their estate planning. The most challenging part (other than getting started) is making decisions on which of the various options best fits your circumstances.

In order to make good decisions, you need great, solid information, which is why I created my FREE Estate Planning 101 program.

In this estate planning and living trust program you will find what you need to know about your options, how each option can affect your estate, how an estate can be successfully set up, the differences between a last will and testament, a living will and a revocable living trust, and what a power of attorney would mean.

I break it down in simple, easy-to-understand language so you can quickly move through and make decisions. You don’t need to become an estate planning expert: you just need a grasp of the basics. Please take advantage of my free offer by filling in the form above. Once that’s done, you’ll gain instant access to this free estate planning program—it’s available for immediate download. This estate planning and living trust program can help you understand what you need to know before making your estate planning decisions—and help you with the first decision of selecting an estate planning attorney or advisor.

A recent survey discovered that one of the main things holding people back from doing their estate plan is simple procrastination. The Estate Planning 101 program can help you ease into what, for many, is an overwhelming process.

With the knowledge and insight you gain, you’ll be prepared to ask the right questions so you can get the answers you need to ensure your family and assets are protected for the future.

You want to feel good about the decisions you make, secure in the knowledge that you have done the right thing in looking out for your family.

So, don’t procrastinate: go now and download the Estate Planning 101 program.

Here is What You Will Learn in this Guide:

  • How to choose between a standard will and a living trust...
  • Step-by-step strategies for avoiding probate in Texas...
  • How to transfer assets into a living trust in TX...
  • How a living trust reduces or eliminates estate taxes...
  • How to make sure your estate goes where you want it to go...
  • How to find the right TX attorney without wasting thousands...
  • Questions to ask your TX attorney before you prepare a living trust...
  • How to protect assets if you go into a nursing home in TX...
  • And much more...

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Eli Combs
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